Whether it's a submission to a government agency, the latest columns from TEI's President or Executive Director, posting or reading items in the Issue Forums, catching up on the latest TEI and tax news via the TEI News Feed and the State & Local Tax Blog, or a feature article from The Tax Executive journal, it can all be found here.


TEI has an enviable history of advocating on a range of tax matters to the U.S. Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service, the tax-writing committees of Congress, and in Canada to the Department of Finance and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency. Submissions are also filed with the states and provinces. TEI’s expansion into Europe and Asia has opened up opportunities there.

These submissions are open to the public and are also reprinted in The Tax Executive journal.

State & Local Tax Blog

This blog includes summaries of TEI's State and Local Tax Advocacy, as well as general state tax updates. Updated regularly by one of TEI's Tax Counsels, visitors can keep up to date on tax news and also read a unique perspective on issues affecting taxpayers in states around the country. The blog also allows readers to post comments in response to articles appearing here.  The goal is to provide an interactive information source where TEI members can stay current on state and local tax matters, as well as adding their views to the discussion of those issues.

News Feed Blog

The News Feed, a blog written by TEI’s Executive Director, offers a fresh perspective on the latest in TEI and tax news. With features that include TEI’s newest developments, recent tax information, and interesting articles, this blog is the best way to learn about the most up-to-date news. Members may also comment on the subject matter.


Broad-based issue forums are available to all TEI Members. Use them to share your questions, concerns, and knowledge-base with your fellow tax professionals. TEI members must be logged in to access the forums.

The Tax Executive magazine

The Tax Executive is the bimonthly professional journal of Tax Executives Institute. Each issue features outstanding original articles by top law and accounting practitioners, as well as the insights and real-world experiences of TEI members.

President's Corner

Each issue of The Tax Executive also features a letter from TEI's President. This is one of the best ways to get an overview of recent developments both at the Institute and chapter levels.